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Website Tonight

Finally, a website builder that’s easy to use

With WebSite Tonight, everything works just like you’d expect. Need to move a section? Just drag and drop it. Want to add some text? Just click and type. Need help getting started? Choose from over 3,000 design and color combinations in our template library, including 120 pre-built websites customized to fit your business or style — just replace the text and images and you’re ready to go!
Remember back in the '80s when there was a big difference between word word processors and desktop publishing?  Word processing was writing a letter an having a few graphics embedded.  Desktop publishing was taking the content from word processors and fitting it to pages, above the fold, inside the fold, front page, back page, etc.

Now we can do all that with Word or any of several word processing programs.

That's how Website Tonight is right now.   Website Tonight is a desktop publishing system for your web preseance.

What Website Tonight does that your Microsoft Word program can't do for you is that we show you instant results.  You can preview pages, click on links, see uploaded video, password protect sensitive areas, and so much more.

Website tonight takes up where your word processor leaves off.  Your wordprocessor makes perfect final revisions of documents, Website Tonight makes perfect final revisions of the documents you want to be public on the web.
Choose a design   Choose a design
  • Get started in our template library, featuring over 3,000 design and color combinations and over 120 pre-built, 5-page websites, complete with layout, titles and navigation. Just replace the text and images and you’re ready to go!
  • Choose from 14 page layouts that put your site in the best light. Each page can have a different layout.
Add your products   Make it yours
  • Insert your own photos or use any of the 8,700+ pro-quality images included free. Choose the Premium plan and get more than 28,000 images!
  • Format your content with bullets, numbering, hyperlinks — even input and edit your own HTML.
  • Add videos, music and much more — including pre-designed Flash animations, RSS feeds and widgets.
Start selling   Publish it
  • Preview your site with one click to view and navigate before you publish to the Web.
  • Publish your website with one click — you’re live on the Web.
  • Optimize your site for Google and other search engines with Google Webmaster Tools.
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