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Blogging With PodCast - Blog PodCast Combined

Blog and Podcast in one!
Vlogging is here! Record, encode and upload video files to your blog


NEW: Quick Blogcast users, now you can video blog – vlog – straight from your Quick Blogcast account! We make it easy to record, edit, compress, upload and post your videos seamlessly in one application… it’s easy. Best of all, your videos are viewable on nearly any PC.

All paid versions of Quick Blogcast have this feature – located under Manage Entries > Add Video. And while most other services let you upload your video files, encoding them on their servers, we do things a little differently. All the encoding occurs on your own system – eliminating long upload times and leaving file size and quality options up to you.

But that’s not all! You can also add photos to your entries from your Photobucket account! To get started, enter your Photobucket feed URL to your Quick Blogcast account and begin adding Photobucket images to your Quick Blogcast entries. It's that easy! Simply log in to your Quick Blogcast account and select "Services" from the "Manage Blog" header.

  • Publish your thoughts, opinions, Videos, and comments in your own blog, podcast—or both—anytime, day or night! Supports multiple authors and multiple blogs or podcasts. Show Me
  • Generate and publish RSS feeds for iTunes® and other directories.
  • Post photos, images or animations—create a truly personal blog site.
  • Get feedback and have conversations with visitors to your site. (Tell Me More)
  • Personalize your Blogcast with your own unique domain name—or integrate it with your existing site by setting it up as a subdomain.
Create. Quick Blogcast
  • NEW! Now you can even include your YouTube Videos in your blog.  Click here to learn how.
  • Vlogging lets you record, compress, upload and post a video seamlessly, in one application. Give your Blogcast one-of-a-kind style with nearly 100 customizable templates.
  • No banner advertisements.
  • Podcast recording tool offers one-click installation, real-time audio compression, and CD-quality recording (prior to MP3 compression).
  • Play audio and video podcasts directly from your published web page with On-Site Player.


  • NEW! Overage Protection means you never have to worry about exceeding bandwidth or unexpected monthly overage charges.
  • Share your favorite photos, videos, and more. Upload and manage .jpg, .gif, MP3 and MP4 audio/video files (m4v, mp4 and mov) simply and easily. Set up as many blogs and podcasts as you like. (Available disk space varies from plan to plan.)
  • Remote blogging lets you post directly from online photo albums (like Online Photo Filer) and popular third-party sources. You can even blog via email or post direct to your blog from Word 2007, Windows Live Writer, Flickr and others.
  • If you've got a Google® AdSense® account, use Quick Blogcast to earn revenue. Get site statistics, including subscriber numbers, average bandwidth, disk space utilization and more.
  • IP banning locks out spammers and other troublesome visitors.
  • Share your Blogcast across the Web—generate and publish RSS feeds in minutes.
  • Keep your visitors informed of your latest posts with Blogcast update notification service.
  • Quick Blogcast automatically sends new podcast notifications to popular listing services like iTunes®, Feed Burner, iPodder, and more.
  • Use built-in surveys to get feedback from all your visitors.
Already have a blog? No problem! Quick Blogcast's import tool lets you transfer all your current blog articles, comments and trackbacks into your Quick Blogcast …quickly and easily!

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